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Original Work by Ella Barnes

Veil Vortex


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  • Description
  • Description

    Looking closely, we can see the warp and weft of reality. Dancing particles of light coalesce in familiar patterns. You have known this hidden texture all along.

    Cyanotype made with sunlight.

    The most subtle phenomena in existence, light is the fabric of our reality. My creative impulse has become entirely focused on shaping light directly with my hands. My practice consists of constructing sculptural negatives or assembling materials to cast shadows that range from organic patterns to luminous beings. Through play and observation, I develop a language of shadow casting, transcribed in tones of blue. The cyanotype process inverts shadow, allowing the illusion of sculpted light. Through this lens, every shadow becomes light - a shift of perception combined with simple materials and an endless energy source to collaborate with: the sun.

    The root of my practice is therapeutic in nature, both in action and result. Divining the mechanics of shadows is to see meaning in the mundane, promoting an openness of observation and nondiscrimination. This peaceful mindset is my safe haven from an increasingly chaotic world. I find joy in creating windows to other worlds; vistas of rolling waves, a spirit shrouded in light, a portal in blue flame. Guided by discovery and fueled by curiosity, the narrative of my work changes and builds on its own, revealing itself as it’s created.

  • Framing & Materials
  • Framing & Materials

    Giclée Fine Art Prints

    Both our Open and Limited Edition prints are produced on acid-free cotton rag paper with 100% archival inks. Our full-time chemists formulate all substrates in-house to achieve museum-quality detail and color vibrancy that is protected for 100+ years.

    Hand-Cut Italian Pine Frames

    Narrow on the front and deep on the sides, our frame moldings provide a clean, sharp frame with a modern profile that brings all the focus to your art. Each one is produced from the highest quality solid pine, primarily sourced from Italy, and carefully selected before it is precision cut and then assembled by hand at our facilities in the US or Germany (EU customers).

    Hanging hardware is included so your artwork is ready to hang as soon as it arrives.

    Bevel Cut Conservation-Grade Mat

    We use a 4-ply, conservation-grade, acid-free white mat board with a bevel cut opening around your print. If your work has a signature or edition numbering, we will automatically mat around it. 

    UV-Protective Acrylic

    Our acrylic is more expensive than glass, but we use it because it’s clearer, far more impact resistant, and protects your art against UV rays. Framing-grade acrylic has become a new standard in framing because of its “clear” benefits.

  • Authentication
  • Authentication

    This work comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Co-Founders of Apostrophe.


  • Shipping
  • Shipping

    Limited & Open Edition Prints

    Prints and Framed Prints are made in the USA and typically ship within 3-5 business days. Usually they will arrive within 1-2 weeks depending on where you are located. As soon as your artwork ships you will receive a tracking number from us. 

    Shipping rates are determined by location, package size, and will include the cost of packing materials. Apostrophe provides complimentary insurance in case your artwork gets lost or damaged in transit.

    Meet the Artist

    Ella Barnes

    Ella Barnes is an emerging artist based in New York, NY. Barnes employs the cyanotype process to create works on paper and textile. Cross multiplying photography with sculpture and collage, Barnes’ work questions the shape of consciousness, probing for hidden patterns and discovering visual oases. Barnes has participated in shows in New York, Miami, and Berlin.

    Ella works with an alternative photography method called the cyanotype process. This chemical solution applied to paper or textile yields blue toned impressions when exposed to UV light. Captivated by the infinite possibilities of working with light and shadow, Ella create images exclusively using this camera-less photography medium.


    Ella Barnes