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Original Work by Rachel van der Nacht
  • Description
  • Description

    Original painting | Acrylic on canvas | 40x40" | Framed | 2021

    Meet the Artist

    Rachel van der Nacht

    Rachel van der Nacht is a French creative director and visual artist based in New York. She works with an array of fashion, luxury, and lifestyle clients, including Adidas, Refinery29, Equinox, Nike, Puma, Livy, Burt’s Bees, and Konbini, to name a few. Her work has been on exhibi in Paris, Berlin, and NYC. 


    She studied literature and philosophy in France and earned an MFA in Design as an Entrepreneur/Author at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. 

    Her personal work aims to echo her personal journeys and experiences. With North African roots influencing her, she expresses a duality that exists everywhere in life, and that can be both difficult and uplifting. She explores harmonious discord and reconciles opposing themes such as happiness vs. sadness or punk vs. traditional. These influences are depicted as cohesive and true representations of reality, that can and actually always coexist.   

    By challenging the idea of opposition and asking the viewer to see everything as connected, her creations offer a different angle on life. Art that acknowledges both good and bad, and twists them into a singular new sentiment —  all-together. Think a cactus offering free hugs or two boxers hugging instead of fighting.

    Rachel van der Nacht