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A note from the founders about our mission;

Apostrophe was created to expand access to contemporary art for a new generation of collectors through inclusivity, design and technology. In a space that’s long felt exclusionary and intimidating, we are building a curated platform for discovery beyond gallery walls.


We believe discovering exceptional artists and acquiring their work should be radically more approachable, and that great artwork should not be gatekept by the antiquated systems of pretentiousness and exclusivity that still exist in much of the traditional art industry.
Our attitude and belief is that by inviting a more diverse group of aspiring collectors to participate we can empower a more diverse group of artists to succeed, resulting in a more equitable and democratized art world for artists and collectors alike - and a more beautiful world overall.
More than half the artists on our platform meet our Diversity & Inclusion Goals.


Whether it’s designing a simple, user-friendly online experience for the digitally-native collector or forming strategic brand partnerships to amplify and elevate our artists work, we’re obsessed with pushing the creative boundaries of how artists and collectors engage. In all of our endeavors, we strive for quality and elevation when it comes to our artists and how they are represented while maintaining our commitment to approachability for our community of collectors.


We aim to facilitate the transformative potential of art through digital tools that enable the journey of both artists and collectors. For artists specifically, our goal is to eliminate many of the headaches associated with the sales, marketing and business side of their practice so they can spend more time in the studio doing what they love.
Our Slack Channel for our Artists enables us to learn about what matters most and beta test new products and features in partnership with them.