Alexandre Souêtre

French photographer Alexandre Souêtre was born and raised in Paris, where he was introduced to the world of art as a child; first through the work of 1970s illustrators Marcel Gottlieb and André Franquin. His passion was furthered after his move to Los Angeles to pursue filmmaking and photography where he honed his unique visual style across various forms, be it moving images, portraits, still lifes, landscapes, or fashion shots.

I realized that I was, in fact, truly drawn to the still, the calm, the non-happening, the intimate, the subtle, the lost, the minimal, the ever-so-slightly off, and odd,” he explained in an interview with Leux Magazine.

Souêtre's work has been seen in publications such as Kinfolk, Schön Magazine, Skateism, and Ignant. He currently resides between Portland, Los Angeles and Paris.

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